I know i haven’t been on lately. It just got really busy. /:
I feel bad. I haven’t left tumblr and you awesome people..it’s just lots of stuff is happening soon. So I will try to be on. :)

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wonderbonesland inquired:

Is too late to wish you a happy birthday? :)

Hah no :) it was only yesturday x thank you x

Seeley Booth

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Bones - 9x16 - The Source in the Sludge

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Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I had a great day. :))

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! I hope it is a day filled with happiness. hove, laughter, friendship, purpose, and a dance. :D ENJOY YOUR DAY!

Thank you Zoe! Xox :)

Happy birthday! I hope it´s a great one and wish you all the best <3

Thank you x

brennansbabe inquired:

happy birthday! (:

Thank you x